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Suspension Repair

Waterbury’s Suspension Experts

Everyday drivers know their car as well as some people know their best friends. When your car’s suspension starts to give it can have a very negative affect on your driving experience and cause various problems. Each of the problems that can arise form suspension problems results in a safety hazard for you and every other driver on the road. At Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC, we know how to best repair suspension systems on almost any vehicle and our expert mechanics provide the most accurate and reliable repairs and replacements for Waterbury drivers.

Does My Suspension Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired?

When the suspension in your vehicle becomes suspect it will generally be fairly obvious. If your once smooth ride is all of a sudden very bumpy and uneven or begins to dip or drift while turning or stopping then this is likely the sign or a suspension system that is harboring some problems. Other symptoms can include uneven tire treads, or a build-up of oil and grease on the struts or shocks.

If you suspect your suspension is beginning to fail then you can affirm this notion by pushing with all of your weight on your stationary vehicle. If it bounces two or three times after the initial motion, then your suspension likely has some issues that need to be addressed.

We’ll Make Your Car Drive Like New

Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair uses the most up-to-date, well maintained equipment available on the market and we ensure that every Waterbury customer leaves our shop satisfied. A failing suspension system results in an uncomfortable ride and, especially for every day drivers, this is unacceptable, and in many cases, unsafe. Call the experts at Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC instead of bouncing up and down on your way to work and carrying the risk of causing an accident.

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