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Some of the services we offer

New Haven Heavy Duty Truck Repairs

If you drive truck then you know that problems strike suddenly, and often. In the middle of a long run you might notice that your fuel efficiency has dropped, or hear grinding or popping sounds. If that is the case, then you likely have a problem with your truck that the experts at Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC can resolve. With more than 25 years of experience working with, and driving heavy duty rigs, we feel confident that we are able to fix or advise on any problem.

Front End and Axle Alignment and Repair

Misaligned front ends and axles can really hurt the performance of your truck, and can even be dangerous. Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC has state-of-the-art Bee Line equipment that uses laser guidance and computer technology to ensure the most accurate alignment possible. Proper alignment and axle performance can not only prevent accidents, but they can also increase tire life and fuel mileage significantly.

Suspension Repair

Suspension faults can really hammer away at the fuel economics of a rig. When you are on a cross-country run, you need to conserve as much fuel as possible, especially in today’s economy. If you feel that your truck has been a little bumpy, or you know of an issue already, then you need to call Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC to receive the expert service every truck needs.

Big Rig Repair by Big Rig Drivers

At Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC, we have been in the trucking industry for more than 25 years. We know that New Haven has a lot of mechanics, but few who are able to provide the specific service that big rig drivers need to keep their machinery on the road. When New Haven trucks have a problem, we have the solution. Our state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with our decades of knowledge allow us to leave our customers satisfied, and keep their trucks on the road.

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