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Heavy Duty Truck Alignment

Hartford's Most Accurate Alignment

Heavy-duty trucks naturally wear down their tires and axles quicker than other vehicles. They are typically driven harder and more often than a personal vehicle and their weight alone results in recurrent maintenance issues. At Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC, we have experience driving big rigs ourselves and so we know how important keeping proper alignment is. Our experience aligning our own trucks and the trucks of our customers has lead us to purchase the best equipment on the market and to provide the best quality service available.

Nuway Truck and Trailer Alignment Services

Our shop uses only the latest Bee Line laser equipment and advanced computer technology to guarantee a perfect alignment for most heavy-duty vehicles. Our Bee Line certified mechanics are all able to use this equipment at the highest level of industry standards. When our customers need heavy truck alignment, we use this laser technology to ensure both camber and caster alignment as well as any necessary axle bending or repairs. Along with our warranty, we will also provide a full federal inspection as well as general heavy-duty truck maintenance.

The Smoothest Ride Around

Having a properly aligned truck will keep your tires wearing evenly and increase gas mileage significantly. As experienced truckers ourselves, we are able to test drive every vehicle that we adjust to ensure that they are running as well as possible. The Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC facility offers Hartford the very best heavy-duty truck alignment on the market with the smallest amount of downtime. We know how difficult it is to find a garage that offers truly accurate alignment for large vehicles so we strive to make each customer a repeat one that leaves with a smile.

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