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Axle Repair

Efficient New Haven Axle Repair

Axles are one of the most durable parts of any vehicle or trailer but they are also one of the most vital and when they begin to wear they can significantly affect handling and functionality and this can be a major safety risk. At Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair LLC, we have experienced mechanics able to repair or replace the axles of most vehicles to ensure our customers continued presence on the road. We want each driver in New Haven to be as safe as possible and so we do our best to provide repairs that are lasting and efficient.

How Would I Know If My Axle Is Broken?

Your axle may need to be replaced or repaired if when you start your vehicle and put it into gear you hear a clunking, clicking or sputtering noise. This is almost always the sign of a cracked or broken axle or CV joint. Sometimes the only symptoms will be a knocking at low speed, or steering wheel or floorboard vibration. If any of these is happening in your vehicle then it needs to be inspected immediately by a professional to ensure your continued safety and the continued safety of your fellow drivers.

Our Axle Repair Promise

Having trucking experience ourselves, at Nuway Truck and Trailer Repair, we know how important continued maintenance is to vehicular safety. With our up to date and well maintained equipment, we provide New Haven drivers with the best repairs available and our repeat customers speak for themselves. Our ability to align and repair virtually any vehicle or trailer axle system is unrivaled in the area and our experience allows us to consistently provide the best service.

Don’t drive unsafely, call us today and let us help keep you and your family on the road longer

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